Caroline Evans

Services Offered: Sleep , Weaning , Potty Training

Locations Served: North East England, North West England, Yorkshire and the Humber, East Midlands, West Midlands, East of England, London, South East England, South West England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland

Video / Telephone Calls: Yes

In Person: Yes

Hello! My name is Caroline Evans and I help families flourish!

For over 20 years I have had the pleasure and privilege of building a career from a true passion of mine … families. I say families because to me working with babies and children is not just about childcare it is about supporting families in many different ways.

From my early experience in childcare, to the more recent years where I have specialised in Post Natal Care (Maternity Nursing) and troubleshooting I have been lucky enough to work with some of the most amazing families and have gained a wealth of experience from which I have learnt so much. This experienced was enriched when I become a mother myself.

In addition to my professional experience I have a CAP Petite Enfance (French early years diploma, similar to an BTEC/NNEB) and I regularly invest my time in numerous Continued Professional Development courses (a detailed list can be provided) and conferences which increases my knowledge base and keeps it up to date. Knowledge in constantly evolving and everyone can always learn more! I have a special interest in Infant Feeding (breastfeeding, bottle feeding and weaning/nutrition), Tongue Tie, GORD, allergies and sleep and so I spend a lot of time researching these areas too.

I spend much of my time offering support and advice to families around the world through my remote consultancy service but still like to keep my hand in with home visits and occasional childcare or I would miss the little ones too much!

My knowledge and experience mean that I can help in a variety of ways. It may be that I can support you right from the start of your parenting journey, holding your hand and helping you create solid foundations so that your roller coaster of a journey (because being a parent always is) will feel less scary and have less glitches along the way. Or perhaps you are a parent that is struggling with certain issues in this case I can help you navigate this tricky time with love, care, reassurance and knowledge.

I am a firm believer in instinctive baby-led parenting. By this I do not mean that baby rules the roost, I mean that if we can get back to listening to parents instincts, learning to read babies cues and taking the time to listen to children when they are trying to communicate ,then many of the issues that parents encounter today could be avoided or easily resolved. I do not use a one way fixes all approach …every child is wonderfully unique.

I will make no promises to have your baby sleeping through in x days or to cure your child’s feeding issue overnight. I will not give you unrealistic promises or try to make you feel inadequate. However I will promise that I will listen to your concerns and needs, then draw upon my wealth of knowledge and experience to offer advice and find methods that will work for your child and for your family as a whole, and throughout I will be there to offer moral support if need be! Good communication is key and as a family you must feel that you can be completely open with any thoughts or questions that you may have with the advice I offer you. As parents you know your children better than anyone and I always welcome your feedback.

Should you wish to get in touch to chat about what you need support with and how I may be able to help then I look forward to speaking with you.



“It is not only Caroline’s knowledge and experience that makes her so amazing. She is also incredibly kind, caring and compassionate and always goes above and beyond to be of help. Her words of encouragement and support have given me the confidence and self-belief to be the mother I am today. Both my husband and I owe Caroline a huge depth of gratitude.”

Below I have added a list of some of the areas where I can offer advice and support:
> Preparing for the arrival of your new baby
> The first days at home with your new baby
> Helping siblings adjust to the arrival of a new baby (Parents too in some cases!)
> Feeding your baby – making an informed choice
> Breastfeeding advice and support
> Post Natal Depression
> Advice on creating a flexible routine for your baby and your family
> Weaning, both traditional and “baby led” – including healthy menu plans for toddlers, children and those with specific dietary requirements
> Potty training
> Sleep issues in babies, toddlers and children
> Feeding issues in babies, toddlers and children
> Helping children and their families with behavioural issues
> Sibling rivalry
> Finding a childcare solution that works for your family
> Settling in a Nanny or Au pair
And much, much more!


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