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Vickie Gordon

Services Offered: Sleep

Locations Served: South East England

Video / Telephone Calls: Yes

In Person: Yes

Hi, I’m Vickie I am a Mummy to twins and I am a certified sleep consultant, I have been working with family’s and children for over 20 years. Helping families and children has always been my passion.

I have completed CPD certified sleep training course with one of the leading sleep trainers in the U.K, Lucy Shrimpton and I am now proud to be part of her Sleep Nanny team.

Nothing can prepare you for parenthood and all the emotions that come flooding in along with it. Tiredness is one of the biggest challenges that come from being a parent but it doesn’t have to be.
Sleep is a vital part of a child’s cognitive, emotional and physical development and overall health, it has such and important part in our daily well being, it helps build our immune system as well as helping with our memory and giving our brain a detox of unwanted chemicals overnight.

I create a bespoke and personalised package for each family, not one child’s sleep needs are the same. I will work closely alongside you to help make the perfect plan. I will then be there to guide you through every step of the way, leaving you and your child with invaluable sleep skills. My approach is gentle and responsive.
To find out more on how I can help you and your child then why not drop me a call or email and book in a free no obligation 15 minute call with me today.
I look forward to hearing from you.


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